Patent Attorneys Tanzania

Patent Attorneys Tanzania, Zanzibar and Africa

Our Patent Attorneys provide following services:

  • Patent Registration Application
  • Drafting provisional & complete patent specifications for Tanzania and overseas.
  • Comprehensive patent searching with analysis & legal opinion for; Prior art, Novelty, Patentability, Invalidation, and Litigation support
  • Filing and prosecuting applications for grant of Patent, at the Tanzania Patent Office
  • Filing and prosecuting applications for grant of patent internationally in co-operation with our foreign associates
  • Post registration services such as
  • Renewals and filing statement of working
  • Licensing and transfer of technology
  • Portfolio Management
  • Journal watch services
  • Patent Litigation
    • Oppositions
      • Pre grant & post grant
      • Ex parte and inter partes proceedings
    • Infringement actions (Prosecution & Defence)
    • Appeals (at the Registry Office and in various Courts)

PCT National Phase Patents in Tanzania

Filling Time Limits.

The deadline for entry into the national phase is 31 months from the earliest priority date.  This deadline may be extended by 3 months, to 34 months from the earliest priority date.

Detailed Filing Requirements:

  1. Translation:

If the international application was not lodged or published in English a verified English translation of the international application must be lodged with Patent office. This is 3 months from the date of paying the official fees, i.e. 3 months from the date of entry into the national phase in Tanzania.

The failure to perform any of the above acts within the prescribed time limit (31 or 34 months from the priority date) results in that the effect of the international patent application shall cease in the United Republic of Tanzania with the same consequences as the withdrawal of any national application.

The translation shall contain the specification, the claims, any text matter of the drawings (if any), and the abstract; if the claims have been amended according to the PCT or when entering the Tanzanian national phase, the English translation must be submitted for both the original and the amended claims, together with a declaration on the set of claims that the applicant intends to use in the national proceedings.

We can arrange translation of the specification on your instructions, if required.

  1. Priority Document & Translation:

If the applicant has complied with Rule 17.1 of the PCT (ie. forwarding of priority document to the International Bureau) then neither the priority document nor a translation of the priority document need be lodged in Tanzania.

If the applicant has not complied with Rule 17.1 then a priority document, together with a verified translation thereof, must be lodged with the Tanzanian Patent Office.

  1. The power of attorney where the applicant is represented by an agent,
  2. A declaration as to the applicant’s entitlement to apply for and be granted a patent where applicant is not the inventor, and if it was not filed during the international phase;
  3. The international application number of the application;
  4. If there is a (non-prejudicial) disclosure at certain exhibitions, any evidence supporting the same.